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Her panties are drenched... And it shows!

For her first audition, I film Elodie, 24, a history student, in a friends apartment. The situation gets her working and she wets her panties for all to see! Under my orders, she undresses, caresses herself, and puts herself in every position I ask. When I ask her to push way her panties, I am surprised to see her vagina already spread open, proof positive that shes not faking. Then she caresses herself in the stairway, and gets worked up with a dildo that she thrusts in and out faster and faster. The scene finishes on the kitchen table with the dildo. Her orgasm takes a long time to come, but I left the sequence intact without any cuts. When she feels the orgasm coming, she says Im going to cum! Her orgasm is long and intense.
Video n°261 - Length: 25 min. - Size: 282 Mo - File type: mp4

She gets herself off in the middle of the street on her bike!

This mature woman isnt very pretty, but she turns you on by her frankness and ease. She comes to my office already needing to piss. We take the car to go for a ride until she cant hold it in anymore. I even thought she would go in the car! We stop on the side of the road, and as soon as the door opens she pisses out huge streams. Leaning against the car, she starts to masturbate and is surprised by a passerby. We go back to my office and I make her drink more. To kill time, I tell her to show me her pussy and her tits. She tells me that she almost never wears panties, and that often while biking she cums on the seat. Off camera (unfortunately) she tells me that when she is in dire need of sex, she goes hunting for a guy to fuck anywhere, under a porch or wherever! I offer her my bike so she can show me how she masturbates on it. But in the middle of the show her bladder explodes, and she pisses on my bike! While still on the seat, she masturbates herself to climax while shouting Im cuming!
Video n°222 - Length: 10 min. - Size: 120 Mo - File type: mp4

Craving for sex, she gets horny right away.

Elodie is a 20-year-old first year medical student. She has been separated from her boyfriend for a year, and she tells me that she is in dire need of sex. She masturbates a lot but nothing can replace a man she says. This film arouses her libido because she is an exhibitionist, and masturbating in front of stranger makes her really hot. She starts touching herself with great pleasure, and pants heavily. She is lying on the couch, and starts to caress herself, and then without much foreplay shoves her fingers in her moist and glistening cunt. She describes the arrival of her orgasm. Its a real treat to watch her twist and turn and shake with pleasure. Fucking Elodie has got to be like aerobics, theres no way you could get bored! I prevent her from cumming too soon, otherwise she would have cum in less than two minutes! I cut the camera, talk with her about her sexual fantasies, and then we continue. She gets hotter and hotter and her pussy gets wetter and wetter, and then she explode in a wild orgasm that twists her body like a pretzel. She almost falls off the couch!
Video n°240 - Length: 22 min. - Size: 246 Mo - File type: mp4

Husband invites us to fuck his wife, but she doesn't seem to be aware of the plan! Taken by surprise, she squirts all over the couch and comes 3 times!

David and Cassandra we receive in their modest house at around Reims. Tired of routine domestic and awaken his enthusiasm, David would like to see his wife get shagged by another man. But there is a problem because it does not mention it before we arrived. He wants to put a fait accompli and hope she will not dare refuse.

But the big brown does not seem to disagree. I asked him to stand and her husband began to fondle her sex while Jo sticks against her with a wandering hand. Gradually the young woman thaws and agrees to suck two men. Jo fingering her crotch gently and brown admit that it makes him want to fuck. Our boy does not pray penetrates slowly at first then faster and faster.

It reverses his head back with a cry: "Oh, I'm there if he continues to enjoy!" I have rarely seen a woman take his foot so fast! Jo continues the stuff and the big stake will trigger a huge female ejaculation. The dripping pussy squirts abundantly on the couch and the floor. With all his reticence disappeared, the young woman impales himself on the tail of Jo camera and lets face fuck well in all positions with the participation of her husband. It will then more orgasms. Both boys will squirt it at the same time on the pussy and face. For a woman who did not want to kiss, she still took a big panard!
Video n°1184714 - Length: 42 min. - Size: 471 Mo - File type: mp4

An orgasm every 3 minutes! This slut offers us a shockingly violent video!

Installed on a bed, Mary Lou and chattering like two girlfriends about their sexual practices. Lou is a naughty libertine about thirty years old who loves sex and says she is in swingers clubs. She loves guys and suck a dick move above the other (sic). She also loves women. During the interview, you can see her cunt Lou under her dress. Mary goes to him and used it to see if it is wet, which is the case. Lou has a string split that reveals a nice smooth any slot. Mary Lou offers a handsome black to move the comment to practice. Finally, two other men will join him for a gang bang.

Lou cums every three minutes!
While Mary fetches men, Lou took the opportunity to show how she masturbates. Males enter the room, they are naked. Lou asked if other people can join the group. Kevin arrives, a well known pornstar amateurs. The beautiful black pounces on her pussy and began to great cunnilingus tongue strokes. He sticks his fingers into the gaping opening and already soaked. Mary encourages voice and tells the best places to give maximum pleasure. He bangs to the vagina which makes him take his foot. Then she moved to 69 on sucking another guy at the same time the black. Kevin approach that departs Lou buttocks to show her gaping hole. With his fingers, he prepares his ass for a good anal sex. A moment later, she found herself on all fours, a hard cock in her pussy and planted the beautiful brunette takes his foot again. The men take turns in her pussy dripping and expanded to make her come in turn, snatching real screams of pleasure. One time sitting on Kevin, Lou frantically waves madly back and forth to explode into a real roar of delight. Her smooth pussy has never been so violently taken his entire life and is not to displease him.

Fuck me good bottom!
Then it was the turn of ass to suffer the onslaught of these three males unleashed. "Oh, go back to, again, fuck me!" asks Kevin that she fucks him the puck with his big cock. Retreating, spreading her ass to show us his gaping anus. Then Kevin and Papou will take a memorable double penetration is going to dismantle the ass and leave her breathless and a new violent orgasm occurs in screams of pleasure. Finally, Lou lies on his back legs up and masturbates her pussy open to be enjoyed again. Men who masturbate watching it. They will release their white seed into her mouth. Lou is exhausted, we would at least!
Video n°1177235 - Length: 56 min. - Size: 621 Mo - File type: mp4

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