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She gets herself off in the middle of the street on her bike!

This mature woman isnt very pretty, but she turns you on by her frankness and ease. She comes to my office already needing to piss. We take the car to go for a ride until she cant hold it in anymore. I even thought she would go in the car! We stop on the side of the road, and as soon as the door opens she pisses out huge streams. Leaning against the car, she starts to masturbate and is surprised by a passerby. We go back to my office and I make her drink more. To kill time, I tell her to show me her pussy and her tits. She tells me that she almost never wears panties, and that often while biking she cums on the seat. Off camera (unfortunately) she tells me that when she is in dire need of sex, she goes hunting for a guy to fuck anywhere, under a porch or wherever! I offer her my bike so she can show me how she masturbates on it. But in the middle of the show her bladder explodes, and she pisses on my bike! While still on the seat, she masturbates herself to climax while shouting Im cuming!
Video n°222 - Length: 10 min. - Size: 120 Mo - File type: mp4

She bursts out laughing when she comes!

This is the first video for a series of pissing videos. I film a public pissing session followed by a nice masturbation. Nathalie tells a story in which she took a piss after leaving the hospital. To recreate these conditions, I choose a place where cars constantly pass by to heighten the risk and the tension. I give her more than three cups of tea with rum to make it hard for her to hold it in. Watch the results: her bladder is so full shat she doesnt even have the time to take off her panties! She comes back to my office for a second pissing session, and I make her drink liters to get her to the point where she cant hold back. While shes drinking, we turn her on and my camera surprises her wide puffed open pussy while shes talking to us. A voyeurs dream come true! On the verge of exploding, she lets herself go and pisses in huge streams in a corner of my office. I ask her to play with herself and she orgasms in less than two minutes. Oh, Im going to cum! she whispers. This woman has one particularity...she bursts out laughing when she climaxes...I 've never seen this before!
Video n°257 - Length: 8 min. - Size: 95 Mo - File type: mp4

She masturbates in a photo booth in the middle of a train station!

Veronique tells us a real story about once when she was getting off a train, she had to piss. She couldn't find any toilets in the station, so she relieved herself between two cars and was surprised by a stranger. We go back to the station to re-enact the scene. Twice Veronique squats down to piss, but there are too many people around. She cant hold herself back anymore, so she hides behind a car and pisses herself empty! For fun I ask her to jerk off in a photo booth in the middle of the train station. She comes back to my office and drinks liters of water, while telling me that shes not at all modest. To prove it to me she spreads her legs: Shes not wearing any panties! She tells to my face that shes horny and I watch her play with her pussy shamelessly. She cant hold herself back anymore. She drank too much. Suddenly she spreads her legs and relives herself with huge spurts of urine that dont stop flowing. This turns her on even more and she masturbates herself to orgasm right in front of me to cool down.
Video n°249 - Length: 14 min. - Size: 154 Mo - File type: mp4

Craving for sex, she gets horny right away.

Elodie is a 20-year-old first year medical student. She has been separated from her boyfriend for a year, and she tells me that she is in dire need of sex. She masturbates a lot but nothing can replace a man she says. This film arouses her libido because she is an exhibitionist, and masturbating in front of stranger makes her really hot. She starts touching herself with great pleasure, and pants heavily. She is lying on the couch, and starts to caress herself, and then without much foreplay shoves her fingers in her moist and glistening cunt. She describes the arrival of her orgasm. Its a real treat to watch her twist and turn and shake with pleasure. Fucking Elodie has got to be like aerobics, theres no way you could get bored! I prevent her from cumming too soon, otherwise she would have cum in less than two minutes! I cut the camera, talk with her about her sexual fantasies, and then we continue. She gets hotter and hotter and her pussy gets wetter and wetter, and then she explode in a wild orgasm that twists her body like a pretzel. She almost falls off the couch!
Video n°240 - Length: 22 min. - Size: 246 Mo - File type: mp4

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